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Who We Are

TOTES 4 Tomorrow was founded in November 2014 in the St. Louis area.  We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. We have no paid staff and we are able to operate solely due to donations and the generosity of the general public.


We reach out to people who have been stereotyped and looked down upon.  We believe that commUNITY is what it is all about. There is not one person who wakes up in the morning and wants to be homeless or at risk for homelessness. Everyone is simply one paycheck away from being at risk for homelessness or homeless. We believe in fellowship, being compassionate, and providing hand ups to those who are in need irregardless of their circumstances. In addition, we host events throughout the year with the sole purpose of engaging our community and giving back such as Kickstart College Award, Pizza & Packages, and Back 2 the Books.

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            Aspire to be a giver. Give love. Give good vibes. Give hope. Give strength. Give positivity.

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